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5 Tips for Choosing the best Hard Drive Destruction Service

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If you need hard drive destruction services, you need a professional data destruction service. Someone can recover the data on your hard drive even if you delete the data yourself. If you want to delete data from your hard drive, ensure it is impossible to recover the data just like document destruction and paper shredding services. A good service will ensure the data is properly deleted. While others will physically destroy the hard drive, some will use chunks of unwanted information re-written over the data. Here is insightful information on how to find the right data destruction service.

1. How they destroy their data

When it comes to erasing data, a good data destruction service will offer a wide range of options. Some companies can also wipe the data drive. This is important if you need the hard disk back for future use. This makes use of special software to wipe the data from the drive. Some companies can shred the disk drive. This is important if you don’t need the disk drive. You should also ensure that the hard drive is disposed of with the right compliance laws.

2. Proof that the data has been properly destroyed

Since the company is harboring sensitive data on your hard disk, proving that they have destroyed the data is very essential. During the destruction process, other companies will allow a witness to be present to ensure the process goes on smoothly. You also need to get a certificate of data drive destruction once they have completed their work. This is the prof that you hired their services to destroy the data.

3. Onsite data destruction service

If you want your hard drives shredded or wiped off their information and data on site, ensure you seek the company that provides that services you need. Your drives must be locked in a tamper-proof container that can only be accessed with your knowledge. When you reach the facility, they must be stored in a monitored and locked area until the data is swept and wiped clean or the hard drive is destroyed physically.

4. Trustworthy employees

Before you commit yourself to the company, ask them about their hiring process. Ensure you work with a company that goes a long way in looking at the background of their employees before employment. This ensures your data is in safe hands.

5. Certifications offered by the company

Certifications speak to the trustworthiness and quality of service. Aside from seeking to know their certification procedures, you can also think about the amount of money they will charge you for the process.

Before you decide to hire the company’s services, ensure you check the information above to get the best insight into the whole data destruction process.

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