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6 Ways That Workers Get Demoralized by Their Superiors

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Sometimes, as a manager, you may not fully understand why you are losing so many staff members and only shortly after they are employed. This can be a nightmare for every business and business owner for that matter considering the costs involved in the predictive index surveys used in the process of finding another staff/s to replace the one/s you’ve just lost.

And most of the time you will find that the fault lies with the employer in these cases. There is no way you will find your staff members opting out of your business almost as fast as they acquire the job and if you don’t re-evaluate your leadership tactics, then you should notice the trend continue.

This article has compiled a list of some of the terrible mistakes that you can make as an employer that will ultimately lead to your business losing its staff members.

  1. Micromanage everything


Nothing will be more demoralizing to an employee than when asked to perform a specific task only to be monitored through the whole process and made to feel like they are incapable of successfully completing it to the standards that the employer wants. You have a habit of getting involved in other senior worker’s delegated duties without really needing to and focusing on minute issues while at the same time demanding endless reports on minor details. Then you are heading on the road towards losing a significant number of your workers.

  1. Stingy


Failing to pay your staff their fair wage and cutting corners when it comes to purchasing new resources and technology will not bode well for any of your staff members. This is just plain stingy, and no one will want to work with you when you are cutting back on their pay; sometimes not paying at all.

  1. Welcome racism, sexism, and homophobia


This is another main factor that will have your employees fleeing your business so fast you won’t know what hit you. If you are that type of employer who allows racism, sexism or even homophobia within your place of work, then you won’t have much to go on when it comes to employees. It’s either you don’t monitor these activities or just choose to ignore them, but either way, you will be costing your business a lot.

  1. Make everyone a manager


Too many managerial heads in a business can end up ruining everything. What with everyone now thinking that they are bosses in their own way. It is obvious that not everyone was built to run a business and placing that power in everyone’s hands is very risky and can even end up getting some workers demoralized.

  1. Building a rudderless ship


Most employers still don’t realize that most of their workers value the company culture even more than they value their claims. And failing to address this issue will always lead to some employees opting out. In fact, studies have found that up to 58% of surveyed respondents even agreed to accept 15% pay cut in their overall pay so long as they work for the organizations with values like their own.

  1. Encourage isolation


It is essential that you always encourage your employees to communicate and interact with one another. But you will find that in some cases, the employers are against this idea and can even punish any staff member gathering thus encouraging isolation which will demoralize your employees.

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