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7 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dentist

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Selecting the right dentist can be very challenging if you don’t know where to begin or who to contact. Here are five things you need to look for when hiring a dental expert.

1. Technology

Dentistry has seen a lot of technological innovations over the recent years. So, check to see if the person you are about to choose is abreast with the latest technologies. You don’t want someone who still uses a chisel or a mechanical grinder to extract your tooth. Some of the technologies you should look for as include lasers, digital x-rays, invisalign and dental implants. Be wary of dentists who use x-ray radiation, as it is likely to cause oral cancer.

2. Reputation

You need to consider the dentist’s reputation. You don’t want to work with someone who has a high rate of failed dental surgeries and several incidences of medical malpractices. Look him up online to see people’s reviews and ratings about him. You can also contact your friends and relatives to get their views and even recommendations.

3. Continuing Education

Dentistry is a very diverse and dynamic field. New treatment procedures, illnesses and technologies crop up every now and then. A good dentist should pursue continuing education and training to be up-to-date with the latest events in the industry. Ask the dental professional which continuing courses he is currently undertaking to be on the safer side.

4. Staff and Office

Though you can’t know the quality of treatment you will get, you can always predict what you in for based on how the staff there behaves. The staff should be friendly and act promptly to your requests. The office must be clean and have streamlined procedures and billing processes that accept most of the payment methods and insurance plans. The offices must also be clean.

5. Feedback From References

You need to talk to a few people who have visited the dentist’s clinic before and ask them about their overall experience. Also, let them tell you how much they paid for the services and which payment method they used. A client who had a good experience will be more than willing to recommend the Whitby dentist.

6. Cost

Costs vary by location and practice. If possible, get quotes from at least three dentists and compare their prices. Avoid prices that are far much lower than the rest. Some dentists use low prices to cover up their lack of experience or poor reputation. If you have insurance, check to see which insurance the dentists accept and whether they offer multiple payment options, such as personal checks, credit cards and payment plans.

7. Emergency Services

You should determine if the dentist offers emergency services. A good dental professional should be able to handle an emergency during normal office hours and weekends.

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