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Calgary Movers Tips That Can Land You A Discounted Moving Experience

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If relocation brings the hope of a better life it also brings some pain and expense associated with moving. You can save on moving costs. Just follow these simple but effective tips for a discounted moving experience.

1. Get and compare quotes

Get and compare quotes

It is stating the obvious but it pays to contact a few movers and packers in Calgary and get them to visit you.

It is recommended that you pick a mover with a good reputation and check their rating. When one talks about movers, then Calgary movers www.matco.ca can be your first choice. They are known for their reliability.

Get them to visit your house and spend time in assessment. Obtain a quote and examine what is included and what is not.

Get separate quotes with packing included and without packing. Check for hidden costs. Get clarification upfront about loading and unloading. Ideally, they should include loading and unloading. If they do not, you will find you have to shell about anything from $100 to $ 300 to get the task done. An alternative is to rope in friends or family members to help you.

The lowest quote is not necessarily the best. They could be scammers who hold up delivery until you pay them extra.

2. Take care of the packing


If you compare estimates for moving you will find that packing accounts for a substantial part. Therefore, you can consider doing the packing on your own.

Do not buy new cartons and boxes. Scout around and pick up discards from stores.

Do not buy bubble wrap or foam. Instead, use newspapers. Ball them up and they are just as good at giving protection to your fragile stuff like crockery.

You can also use towels and bedsheets as well as blankets for packing crockery and glassware.

Pack smaller items inside larger hollow items like fridge and microwave, cupboards and drawers in tables.

Pack only those items that are essential.

3. Discard unnecessary stuff

waste stuff

Get rid of stuff that is not absolutely essential.

This includes larger items like cupboards, sofas, and beds. You can easily buy new ones at your new location.

Organize a sale to get as much money as you can from these things.

This has two benefits. One, you pay lower freight. Two, when it is time to move stuff at your new house, it takes less time and effort and you do not have to worry about fitting things in.

4. Pick the right time to move

Pick the right time to move

Moving seems to peak during certain seasons and on certain days of the week. Plan your move during the low season when truckers and moving companies have trucks lying idle and will agree to give you a lower estimate.

Book early. If you leave it for the last moment the mover is likely to take advantage and quote a higher price.

5. Negotiate


You invited the movers to give you an estimate before you discarded stuff and packed them. Pack and be organized and call them in again and also try new movers.

You will be surprised at the difference this makes. Since the movers can see (and weigh) stuff that is actually to be moved, they are likely to be reasonable.

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