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Common Printing Mistakes We Make in Our Offices

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You’ve got to admit it, not everybody knows how to handle a printer. And sometimes, it even gets the best of some of the people who do. You may even decide to take your time and teach your employees about how to handle and use the office printers, but still, someone is bound to make some mistake that can end up spoiling the printers altogether. This article pinpoints some of the most common office printer for small business mistakes that are common in offices.

  1. Leaving confidential or vital documents on the printer


It may not be a normal occurrence, but it can happen sometimes. Maybe once a week or twice, it all depends really on who you have been handling your business printers. So, you have some very confidential documents on your printer, then suddenly, you get a call which ends up distracting you from what you were doing in the first place, the confidential documents, which can be accessed by anyone else working in the office, or even a customer for that matter.

  1. Printing in color when you don’t necessarily need to


Along with this common error, you will also find that most employees don’t bother to regularly check the quality mode of the color laser printer before they begin to print. So, perhaps some other employee tampered with it or changed it without your knowledge. Always ensure to check the printer’s quality mode before you begin printing any documents on your printers. And don’t print in color, unless you absolutely have to or when directed to do so by the person in charge.

  1. Using high-quality mode to print everything


Most employees may not even know how to switch the different print quality modes to change them and end up printing everything in the mode they find the printers. And if it is in high-quality mode then you are going to use up more ink or toners which equals cash.

  1. Wasting paper by printing single sided


Failing to check your printer settings can also end up leaving you with documents that are printed single-sided. Always checking your printer settings before you start printing can save you a lot of paper costs.

  1. Overcoloring your documents


In as much as coloring, your documents can add significant impact to your report, you need to know that overcoloring works the exact way around. And who is to say you may not need to use that extra used color someday. The best route you can take here is to restrict the use of color in your printers entirely unless authorized only by you.

  1. Humorous fonts


Don’t be surprised to find printed office documents on your office table when you leave your printer to someone who is generally not qualified to be around a printer. Humorous fonts on business paper will definitely not attract the kind of attention and seriousness you are looking for from your clients or business associates who will be reading these documents.

  1. Low-resolution images


Employees that don’t have sufficient training in the graphic design sector will have absolutely no clue as to what setting to put on the printer to print the right image resolutions from the 72dpi to the 1,200dpi which are quite a big margin.

  1. Too many fonts


Okay, as if the humorous font wasn’t enough, you end up having a document with many different fonts on it. You will mostly find this kind of situation occurs from an overzealous employee who maybe got carried away and overdid the different fonts on the printer.

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