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Create a Thoughtful Marketing Campaign to Boost Real Estate Sales

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If you are like many other real estate agents, your real estate CRM consists of placing yard signs in the front yards of your listings and sending out a periodic direct mailer to your customers. You may also even have your own website that you get a few leads from periodically. These are all great steps to take for real estate agent marketing, but you can boost your results when spend the time and effort creating a thoughtful marketing campaign.


Explore All Avenues for Marketing
Direct mail marketing is a highly effective way to reach your target audience, and you may already send out mailers to drum up business when your phone stops ringing. However, this is not the only marketing option available for real estate agents. REALTOR marketing can also consist of lead generation options on your website. For example, leads can be captured before clients are able to view your listings, or you can have an opt-in feature to a newsletter that you send out weekly with buying and selling tips. These are only a few options for real estate agent marketing, and you can explore all of them in great detail as you revamp your marketing campaigns.
Consider the Timing of Your Marketing
While the type of marketing that you move forward with is critical to generating desired results, the timing of your marketing campaign is equally as vital. When you hit your clients too frequently with marketing, you run the risk of turning them off and even opting out of your client marketing list. On the other hand, when you hit them too infrequently, the benefit of building name brand recognition is minimized, and you may risk not being front and center in their minds when they are ready to make a move in the marketplace. Timing is critical with real estate marketing, and you should carefully create a marketing calendar so that your marketing efforts are executed on a thoughtful schedule.

There are a limited number of leads to follow up on in the marketplace, and your competition is also vying for attention from the leads. If you want to boost sales in the coming months, it is critical to develop a well-crafted marketing campaign. When revamping your marketing campaign, consider creative marketing avenues that you have not yet pursued. In addition, think about the frequency of your marketing. By doing so, you will generate improved results from your REALTOR marketing.  For more information, visit www.ixactcontact.com

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