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Effective management of human resources is essential for creating successful organizational results. Nonprofit organizations should exercise fair and equitable human resource practices that attract and retain qualified individuals. Nonprofits have an obligation to adhere to all legal employment requirements and to provide a safe work environment. Nonprofit organizations should establish specific policies and practices that promote mutual cooperation to advance the organization’s interests, and that reflect appropriate industry standards for remuneration.

Employing nearly 11 percent of Michigan’s workforce, the nonprofit sector has hundreds of thousands of employment opportunities. No matter who you are, where you come from or where you are in your career, this guide (presented by MNA and the Council of Michigan Foundations) provides practical guidance and knowledge as a first step to establishing your ideal career in the nonprofit sector.

Michigan nonprofits prove their value time and time again but it goes without saying that any organization whether it is a Fortune 500 corporation, foundation or nonprofit, is only as solid as the talent it is able to attract and retain. The environment for Michigan nonprofits requires that they create appropriate compensation packages if they want to stay competitive in the pool of employers who are looking for quality talent.

Many nonprofits understand that succession planning is important, but often don’t know where to start or what the process should look like. View the attached document written by Tim Wolfred of Compasspoint Nonprofit Services to gain a better understanding of what kinds of succession planning is needed, first steps to undertake planning, as well as some of the common challenges that should be considered.

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