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Is Hypnotism Real? Hard Facts Inside!

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A mental state which, over centuries, has been leaving people curious and unanswered is hypnotism. Being one of the most interesting and mysterious subjects, hypnotism is yet to be discovered completely. What does pop up in your mind when you hear the word ‘hypnotism’? Hypnotism readily pictures in our mind a stage where a hypnotist plays with the mind of his subject and the subject does whatever he is asked to do.

However, this is scientifically not possible. Science has an entirely different explanation for hypnotism. Hypnosis is a mental state of relaxation, highly concentration, extreme suggestibility and heightened imagination. There are numerous myths related to hypnotism. Let’s dispel some of them.

Is It Real?


Hypnotism is real and it is very common in daily life. However, we barely feel being hypnotized because we are unaware of what actually the hypnosis is. Some of the common instances of hypnotism are when we watch television, read interesting magazines and novels, drive our car in highways, think deeply, etc. We are self hypnotized in these instances. At the time of self hypnotized if someone suggests you something you readily believe him or feel it in your body.

Do We Sleep While Being Hypnotized?


No, we don’t actually sleep. Our conscious mind goes in a short relaxed state or sleeps. Conscious mind is that part of our brain which argues, judges or respond reasonably to anything. If this part sleeps there would be nothing to assist our unconscious mind. Hence, resulting in execution of all the suggestions given to the subject by hypnotist.

Hypnotists Suggest not Order..


In those entertaining shows, it is shown that whatever hypnotists order the subject does accordingly. However, he doesn’t order you. Those are mere suggestions which the subject without arguing does as his conscious mind sleeps at that moment.

Awareness While Being Hypnotized

Via Aaron Brown
Via Aaron Brown

Many of you have this query and the answer is yes! We are aware that its mere imagination. Science says that we are like pretending to be totally unaware just like a kid does. However, we are always aware of what is happening. Sleeping of conscious mind makes us respond to less stimuli around us. Real Estate CRM Software keeps you aware of things happening in the real estate industry.

We Feel What We Imagine!

Via Tim Pierce
Via Tim Pierce

If the hypnotist suggests that you are having a chocolate cake right now, then the subject feels the taste of the cake. His body starts secreting saliva in mouth. If he says you are in a scary villa then the subject starts having goosebumps in his body. Even he starts panicking and the movement of his body is easily recognizable.

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