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Mini Dental Implants Vs Regular Dental Implants : Choose Wisely

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Loss of teeth can be a major problem for any person. Imagine yourself laughing with some teeth missing, how the person next to you would react? Or you eating without your teeth, you can’t even imagine doing that. I know, it sounds pretty horrible, but the point is that the teeth loss is a serious thing and your daily life would get a little bit unbalanced, to say the least.

When you would Google for solutions, you may get a few provisional ones like having conventional dentures or bridges in your mouth, which aren’t going to be much effective or long lasting. There you will also find about dental implants, which as per your dentist would be the reliable and effective one.
Dental implants are small titanium implants that are surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath your gums. Once they are in place, the dentist can mount replacement teeth or dentures onto them. These dentures if mounted onto the implants won’t slip or shift in your mouth while eating contrary to the conventional ones. A fun fact – titanium is one of the few metals which are bio-compatible i.e. it doesn’t trigger any immune measure in the body.

When you have decided to go for the dental implants, you would have two options in front of you. You can either go for the “Regular dental implants” or you can opt for the “Mini dental implants”. Both of them have their own sets of advantages and drawbacks, which you need to know beforehand if you are going for either of them. Usually, people get stuck at this step, so here we are to help you out of this conundrum.

First of them is the regular implants. It uses single titanium implant which is more than 3 mm wide in diameter. The titanium abutment is surgically inserted into the bone of the jaw, around which the bone gets fused, which takes some months. Once the abutment is fused to the bone, a small post is attached to the implant which acts as an anchor for the artificial teeth.

Regular dental implants are the near permanent solution to your problem. They last for a very long period and in some cases for lifetimes too. This is because they allow better weight distribution and put lesser stress on the jaw bone. This would be the first solution to be suggested by your dentist, but only if your jaws are up for it.

You see, apparently having a regular dental implant is not everyone’s cup of tea. To have a regular dental implant, you must have a decent bone mass in your jaw to hold down the implants. So there is a small chance that you might not be able to get a regular implant at all.
The process of mounting a regular implant in your teeth is a long one, spanning from three to six months. You would require at least two dental appointments and may need to be in constant touch with your dentist for some period afterward.

If you are having doubts about the regular implants, do take a look at the mini ones. The mini dental implant consist of two posts, each of them are less than 3 mm wide in diameter. It has a titanium post with the ball shaped end sticking out of the jawbone and the denture having a rubber O-ring that attaches itself around the implant ball.

Unlike regular dental implant, anyone can have a mini dental implant. If you don’t want invasive surgeries or don’t have sufficient bone mass for the regular implants, mini implant is the one for you. It is a simpler process than the regular ones and can be carried out in a single appointment only. You can start using your new implants right after getting them installed.

But the people who have had mini implants sometimes complain of slightly more stress on the jaw bone. It happens due to the usage of two implants which result in different weight distribution.

So you saw both types of dental implants, along with their advantages and disadvantages. On one hand you have the longevity of the regular implants and on the other hand the ease and convenience of mini ones.

Which one would you choose? In case you feel difficulty in deciding which one would be best for you between these two? Feel free to visit us at dental implants Toronto. After all, it is your healthy smile which matters the most to us.

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