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Moving in Winter: 6 Excellent Tips For A Safe Move

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Avoid Moving at Rush Hour

Moving from one place to the next is always a challenging experience. This can be even more challenging if you try to move when it is very cold outside. Fortunately, there are six tips that can be followed that could help to ensure you stay safe when moving during the winter.

1. Do More Work Inside

Do More Work Inside

If you are trying to make a move during the winter months safer, another thing that you need to do is make sure that you are doing as much work inside as possible. One of the hazards of trying to move during the winter months is that it is too cold to be outside safely. Instead, you should try to do as much packaging, packing, and moving inside your home where it is warm as possible.

2. Ensure Cars are Prepared for Road

Ensure Cars are Prepared for Road

Once you are ready to hit the road with your packed car or truck, you will want to make sure that it is safe to drive. During winter driving conditions, this will have to include making sure that you have quality tires on the vehicle and that you have an emergency roadside kit available. All of this will help to ensure you are safe behind the wheel.

3. Clear Slip Hazards

Clear Slip Hazards

To make the move as safe as possible, you need to try to get rid of slip hazards. If you notice that there is ice on your exterior walkway, you should make sure that it is cleared before any moving is done. Any slip hazard could be a big risk and be very problematic for a new mover.

4. Limit Movement Inside Home

Limit Movement Inside Home

When you are winter moving Edmonton movers should also try to limit the amount of movement that they do once they are inside their home. While you can have a lot of protection set up that will help to prevent slips, if it is icy or snowy outside, it will be an impossible job to do perfectly. One great option would be to have the movers move all items in the home into the front room and then move them to the truck. This will allow them to limit the amount of time they walk through the whole home.

5. Avoid Moving at Rush Hour

Avoid Moving at Rush Hour

The last thing that you will want to do is move into a new property during rush hour. During this time of the day, it can be hard to move a large truck around the city. Further, if you need to find street parking, it can be next to impossible. A much better option would be to time it out where you are moving during the day when it is less congested.

6. Pet Care

Pet Care

During the winter, you also need to make sure that your pets are cared for. Since you will not be able to leave them outside, you may want to consider finding a babysitter. This will help to ensure that they are out of the way and that they are safe and comfortable inside.

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