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Packing and Moving Hacks: 6 Tips To Make Life Easy

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Get your friends to help you

Moving is an exciting phase of your life as a beautiful new home is awaiting your presence. While people have had several opinions about the difficulties of a move, we assure it isn’t. As soon as you finalize a home, the planning can commence.

Read up a bit about the challenges that lie ahead of you and the move may not look so worrisome. Being systematic is the ultimate answer to all the questions regarding moving and organize it as and when you get time. We bring in 6 amazing tips to make your packing and moving easy.

1. Begin with the logistics of the move

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The first and foremost thing to be done will be to sort out the logistics of your move. Figure out if you would need to hire a team of packers and move. If it is a last minute move, then you may need professional help. If you intend to do the move yourself, go ahead and create an inventory list of things to be done for the move.

2. Pack a bag of essentials

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This is something you may forget with all the packing drama that happens around you. Buzzfeed strongly insists the need for a bag with all your essentials. This should include your mobile phone accessories, laptop, valuables, and personal documents. Life would be difficult if you include your essentials with other bags and unpacking would be a daunting task. This bag could be blessing in disguise as you would be too tired to unpack after the move and want to freshen up.

3. Clear out all the unwanted things to a bin

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Packing could be an overwhelming task and we should not forget the aftermath of it. This could also be your chance to donate some of the things you have been holding on to for a long time. A gentle reminder would be to donate the items that are in a good condition. This could include your books, clothes you have hardly used or don’t fit you anymore. Used towels and linens that are clean could go to animal shelters and books to children who could read them.

4. Fragile items can be packed with your clothes


Are you worried about some of your electronic items or kitchen dishes? A simple hack would be to pack them securely amongst your clothes. They would act as a soft and safe pad for these breakable items. This could also mean that you can save your time bubble wrapping them.

5. Label and mark your boxes appropriately

Carton boxes are what you need while you pack your items. We need not to remind you to label these boxes as per requirement. Movers www.hudsonmovers.com state an additional tip as you could also mention which room these items could go into. This could save a lot of time for you while you unpack or even the team of movers who do it for you.

6. Get your friends to help you

Get your friends to help you

The first term to set with your friends is some pizza and beer take away after the move. It is the easiest way to convince them and to make your move a less boring event. Hiring a team of packers and movers are great but, what would be better is to have familiar faces around while the move is happening. Buzzfeed states how chances of panic attacks are low while you have your favorite people around.

These are just some of the tips we have offered and you could work more out as per your convenience. We wish you a happy and safe move!

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