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Information Technology

Effective and appropriate use of technology is critical to maintaining a nonprofit organization's accountability and relevance.

Basic Infrastructure

Basic infrastructure is critical to a nonprofit's success and yet is sometimes overlooked in the excitement of beginning great work.


Nonprofit organizations should have thoughtful, intentional systems for general communications, marketing and media relations in order to promote and advance mission achievement.

Financial Management

Nonprofits have an obligation to act as responsible stewards in managing their financial resources.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is the practice of embracing, respecting, and celebrating diverse identities, abilities, cultures, and points of view to ultimately strengthen and advance nonprofit organizations.


Nonprofit organizations play an important societal role in serving as the vehicles by which philanthropy occurs.

Human Resources

Effective management of human resources is essential for creating successful organizational results.


Organizational planning is a process that defines a nonprofit's overall direction, activities and strategies to fulfill its mission.

Principles and Practices

Principles and practices are intended to serve as a guide for all charitable nonprofits to implement practices that are legal, ethical, and effective. They should be used as a tool to increase transparency and accountability, and should be considered alongside existing resources.
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Experts Give You 7 Ways to Protect Your Loan Application from Being Rejected

When it comes to matters touching on loans, there is always no such thing as a guaranteed loan approval system. That, however, does not mean that you cannot work out how to increase your odds and chances of getting your application approved. You simply need to work out how you can meet the lender’s minimum approval requirements then avoid falling into these traps.

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Make That Party Day Memorable Using These 5 Tips

So many people dream of planning amazing parties where everyone would come and have a crazy amount of fun and everything would go according to plan. A party that you can look back at after so many years and still feel like it was the best party ever. A party that you would want to go back in time for. Well, not so many people know how to pull off such great parties unless with the help of party rentals Toronto experts. If you are about to throw one then here are some 5 tips that you could use.

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8 Terms Used by Lenders That You Should Know About

The money lending industry has come a long way in the past few years. And when you look at how well the business is doing, you might feel the need to want to get in on the action as well. At Northcash we make sure that our clients are fully aware of the agreement they are signing when getting credit from us. But this industry has with it some pretty complex and strange terms that only the people involved in the business understand.

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How to avoid risking bankruptcy using umbrella insurance

You can entirely avoid the risk of bankruptcy through umbrella insurance. Umbrella insurance is another insurance cover on top of the one that you already have. It is meant to provide extra security to property owned by a client. The client is safe from law suits and vandalism on property. If you know that you are the owner of quite a number of assets, you might want to consider getting umbrella insurance. People who own more in terms of property and assets have a higher risk of being sued. With that in mind, here is how you can avoid bankruptcy using umbrella insurance.

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6 Ways To Increase Sales With Product Packaging

The marketing world can be a problematic battleground – and yes, the marketing realm is a battleground. Marketing requires a lot of research, information, hours of work and people to build a brand or corporation successfully.

The adage “if it were easy everyone would do it” is very accurate and incredibly salient. And it is for this reason that we have taken the liberty to compile a list of 6 ways to increase sales with product packaging.

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6 Ways That Workers Get Demoralized by Their Superiors

Sometimes, as a manager, you may not fully understand why you are losing so many staff members and only shortly after they are employed. This can be a nightmare for every business and business owner for that matter considering the costs involved in the predictive index surveys used in the process of finding another staff/s to replace the one/s you’ve just lost.

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Common Printing Mistakes We Make in Our Offices

You’ve got to admit it, not everybody knows how to handle a printer. And sometimes, it even gets the best of some of the people who do. You may even decide to take your time and teach your employees about how to handle and use the office printers, but still, someone is bound to make some mistake that can end up spoiling the printers altogether. This article pinpoints some of the most common office printer for small business mistakes that are common in offices.

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Looking for a Good Creditor, Check out the 5 Cs

Whenever you go out to look for a good creditor like Northcash, you might want to, first of all, have a look at these 5 Cs plan to guide you through the whole process. They are Collateral, Cash Flow, Capital, Conditions, and Character. Below, are further explanations for these 5 Cs and the reasons why they can help you a great deal in your creditor endeavors.

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10 Principles for Effective Business Process Management

In most cases, you realize that most business process management studies conclude by having to present a list of factors like communication, efficient implementation consultants, the appointment of process owners, business management consultant, and also end-user training. Below are some ten principles that represent a set of capabilities that are essential for you and your business to master contemporary and future challenges in Business Process Management and hence attain business performance improvement.

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5 Tips for Choosing the best Hard Drive Destruction Service

If you need hard drive destruction services, you need a professional data destruction service. Someone can recover the data on your hard drive even if you delete the data yourself. If you want to delete data from your hard drive, ensure it is impossible to recover the data just like document destruction and paper shredding services. A good service will ensure the data is properly deleted. While others will physically destroy the hard drive, some will use chunks of unwanted information re-written over the data. Here is insightful information on how to find the right data destruction service.

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How Call Centre Services Can Help Your Business

Many aspects ensure the success of businesses, and one of them is friendly customer service. Handling phone queries made by clients can be overwhelming for most businesses. Outsourcing answering services to inbound call centres are not only cost effective but also allows companies to focus on their core objectives.

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What to Do When You Are Over Your Head in Business College

Your course load from semester to semester will vary dramatically, and some semesters may be a breeze while others may be truly challenging. From time to time, some students even find themselves so swamped by course work that they fall farther and farther behind in their efforts. If you have truly found yourself in over your head in business college, you may wonder what your options are to move forward. These tips can help you to find greater success in your efforts this semester and are applicable regardless of which colleges in Toronto you attend.

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Types of Insurance You Will Need in Small Business

You will need a vast number of insurance quotes if you run a small business insurance. You have to obtain several types of policies to ensure that you and your workers have as much protection as possible. The following are just a few of the types of policies you will need to secure: