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Information Technology

Effective and appropriate use of technology is critical to maintaining a nonprofit organization's accountability and relevance.

Basic Infrastructure

Basic infrastructure is critical to a nonprofit's success and yet is sometimes overlooked in the excitement of beginning great work.


Nonprofit organizations should have thoughtful, intentional systems for general communications, marketing and media relations in order to promote and advance mission achievement.

Financial Management

Nonprofits have an obligation to act as responsible stewards in managing their financial resources.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is the practice of embracing, respecting, and celebrating diverse identities, abilities, cultures, and points of view to ultimately strengthen and advance nonprofit organizations.


Nonprofit organizations play an important societal role in serving as the vehicles by which philanthropy occurs.

Human Resources

Effective management of human resources is essential for creating successful organizational results.


Organizational planning is a process that defines a nonprofit's overall direction, activities and strategies to fulfill its mission.

Principles and Practices

Principles and practices are intended to serve as a guide for all charitable nonprofits to implement practices that are legal, ethical, and effective. They should be used as a tool to increase transparency and accountability, and should be considered alongside existing resources.
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What to Do When You Are Over Your Head in Business College

Your course load from semester to semester will vary dramatically, and some semesters may be a breeze while others may be truly challenging. From time to time, some students even find themselves so swamped by course work that they fall farther and farther behind in their efforts. If you have truly found yourself in over your head in business college, you may wonder what your options are to move forward. These tips can help you to find greater success in your efforts this semester and are applicable regardless of which colleges in Toronto you attend.

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The Components of a Business Grant

Many small business owners have long thought of trying to apply for a grant, but the grant writing process seems complicated to them. It is vital to read each grantee’s requirements very carefully for exactly what information you need to include in your proposal. Generally, each grant needs seven basic components. Understanding those components allows grants for small business to develop the contents for a successful grant.

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IT Management Software: Industry Changes Bringing A Focus Shift

Over the last one decade, rapid changes in IT management software have been witnessed largely as a result of business automation, digitalization and globalization. To cope with these changes, organizations have come to appreciate the vital role played by two important factors – agility and adaptability. The solution now is to achieve more while using less.

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Create a Thoughtful Marketing Campaign to Boost Real Estate Sales

If you are like many other real estate agents, your REALTOR Marketing consists of placing yard signs in the front yards of your listings and sending out a periodic direct mailer to your customers. You may also even have your own website that you get a few leads from periodically. These are all great steps to take for real estate agent marketing, but you can boost your results when spend the time and effort creating a thoughtful marketing campaign.

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Beating Emerging Enterprise Content Management Challenges

The advent of enterprise content management is one of the best news in recent years for business establishments. It is has brought with it such changes in the organization and management of information that it is hard to imagine what chaos were there before its arrival. Like with all good things, nonetheless, ECM has brought some challenges with it. Luckily they are not insurmountable.

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Business Cheques – What Does the Future Hold?

Cheques are widely used by all major world economies and it’s not any different in Canada. However, there is a general shift from business cheques towards payments that are electronically based. The cheque payments decline varies from about 10 per cent in Sweden, UK, and Australia, to approximately 5% in the US, Canada, Italy and France.