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6 Ways of Maintaining your Drainage This Fall

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Here some tips for maintaining your drainage this fall.

1. Clear off any leaves in gutters and downspouts

The massive shedding of leaves during fall is likely to obstruct your gutters and downspouts. Make sure you clear them to allow water from rain or frost to flow freely. This way, you can avoid the accumulation of water paddles around the foundation of your home. In addition to that, it will help you prevent the formation of dangerous icicles around your home.

2. Service your Water Heater

In preparation for the cold season, your water heater should be in pristine working order. Sediments and minerals usually accumulate in the system over time, making the heater prone to failure. Therefore, call a plumber to check out whether it is functional and to fix any looming problems. It would be such a huge inconvenience when it breaks at the onset of the cold season.

3. Have your Sump Pump Checked Out Thoroughly

The sump pump is an important drainage equipment that keeps rain or melted ice from damaging your house. Therefore, it needs to be operating at its best during fall and winter seasons. When exposed to extreme cold, some of its parts can get frozen thus undermining its effectiveness. Also, make sure to clear off its discharge line. If you have little experience with the equipment, consider calling an expert plumber to assist you.

4. Cover or Insulate all the Exposed Pipes and Faucets

Exposed pipes are susceptible to freezing. Pipes which are usually affected the most are those found in the garage, crawlspace, or under the porch. This is because most people assume that they are safely hidden away from the harsh weather conditions. These pipes, as well as those found in unheated areas of your home, should be well insulated to avoid freezing. Frozen pipes may block or burst causing you costly plumbing problems.

The faucets facing outwards are also prone to freezing. Direct contact with the cold air on the outside often leads to a rapid decrease in temperature within the faucets. Severe freezing results in broken pipes forcing you to carry out expensive repairs. Therefore, close the faucets if they have an indoor shut-off valve or insulate them to avoid serious plumbing issues.

5. Turn off the Hose Bibb

During fall, it is important to ensure that your hose bibb, as well as its water source, is properly shut off. This is to prevent any freezing from taking place in the supply line when the temperature changes. If there are any leaks within the hose bibb, make sure to address it as soon as possible. You can call a plumber to help you install a frost-proof hose bibb before the frost kicks in.

6. Inspect Your Sewer Line

The fall weather can inflict a lot of pressure on your sewer system. The increase in water flow and density due to reduced temperatures may affect the structural integrity of the outdoor sewers. Therefore, have a plumber check them out to ensure that they are 100% operational. If you’ve had sewer problems in the past, it would be good to implement necessary repairs or replacements before winter sets in.

These plumbing tips will ensure that you have a peaceful fall free of expensive plumbing challenges. If you have doubts regarding the integrity of your drainage system, make sure to contact a professional plumbing service provider.

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